Vacant positions

Hereby the IASHE is announcing the vacant positions of teachers of the basic and elective courses (ranks of the Professor and the Associate Professor) at the following faculties of the currently built International Analytical University of Extensive Knowledge (IAUEK Analytical university):

Languages of teaching:









Number of vacant positions of teachers: Currently the number of vacant positions is not limited. The final educational activity will include the best and the most original lecture courses offered by educators (authors) from different countries.




Faculty of Physics and Mathematics

1.1. History of development of theoretical concepts of physics and mathematics

1.2. Physics of the condensed state

1.3. Differential equations

1.4. Mechanics of deformable solid body

1.5. Physics of high energies

1.6. Discrete mathematics and mathematical cybernetics

1.7. Mechanics of liquids, gas and plasm

1.8. Physics of low temperatures

1.9. Chemical physics, physics of combustion and explosion

1.10. Physics of magnetism

1.11. Dynamics, durability of machines, devices and equipment

1.12. Geometry and topology

1.13. Physics of plasma

1.14. Radio physics

1.15. Physics of semiconductors

1.16. Laser physics

1.17. Physics of the atomic nucleus and elementary particles

1.18. Computing mathematics

1.19. Planetary researches

1.20. Acoustics

1.21. Electrophysics, electrophysical installations

1.22. Crystallography, physics of crystals

1.23. Physical electronics

1.24. Theoretical mechanics

1.25. Mathematical analysis

1.26. Теоретическая физика Theoretical physics

1.27. Биомеханика Biomechanics

1.28. Mathematical logic, algebra and theory of numbers

1.29. Theory of probability and mathematical statistics

1.30. Physics of charged particles and accelerating technics

1.31. Mathematical physics

1.32. Thermal physics and theoretical heat engineering

1.33. Instruments and methods of experimental physics

1.34. Optics

1.35. Current issues of physics and mathematics

1.36. Analyticalstudiesinphysicsandmathematics


Faculty of Chemistry

2.1. History of development of theoretical concepts of chemical processes

2.2. Colloidal chemistry and physicochemical mechanics

2.3. High-energy chemistry

2.4. Analytical chemistry

2.5. Physical chemistry

2.6. Mathematical and quantum chemistry

2.7. Hetero-organicchemistry

2.8. Chemistry of solids

2.9. Catalysis

2.10. Radiochemistry

2.11. Inorganic chemistry

2.12. Organic chemistry

2.13. Bioorganic chemistry

2.14. Electrochemistry

2.15. Petrochemistry

2.16. High-molecular compounds

2.17. Current issues of chemical sciences

2.18. Analyticalstudiesinchemistry


Faculty of Biology (Biology, Botany, Zoology, Genetics)

3.1. History of development of theoretical concepts of the wildlife

3.2. Entomology

3.3. Developmental biology and embryology

3.4. Protistology

3.5. Microbiology

3.6. Parasitology

3.7. Physiology

3.8. Anthropology

3.9. Hydrobiology

3.10. Biophysics

3.11. Ecology

3.12. Bioinformatics

3.13. General biology

3.14. Plant physiology and biochemistry

3.15. Molecular biology

3.16. Biological resources

3.17. Radiobiology

3.18. Biochemistry

3.19. Ichthyology

3.20. Botany

3.21. Molecular genetics

3.22. Genetics

3.23. Soil science

3.24. Medical biology

3.25. Ecology and nature management

3.26. Virology

3.27. Mycology

3.28. Biotechnology

3.29. Histology, cytology, cell biology

3.30. Zoology

3.31. Current issues of biological sciences

3.32. Analytical studies in biology


Faculty of Earth and Space Sciences

4.1. General Theory and History of Natural Science

4.2. Construction and exploitation of oil and gas pipelines and storages

4.3. Geological engineering, geocryology иmineralogical soil science

4.4. Geology, prospecting of fossil fuels

4.5. Cartography

4.6. Land utilization, cadastre, land monitoring

4.7. Geology, exploration of solid mineral deposits, minerageny

4.8. Paleontology and stratigraphy

4.9. Geomechanics, fracture of rocks by explosion, mine aerogasdynamics иand mine thermal physics

4.10. Petrology, volcanology

4.11. Meteorology, climatology, agrometeorology

4.12. Geomorphology and evolutional geography

4.13. Geophysics, geophysical methods of mineralogical deposits exploration

4.14. Land hydrology, water resources, hydrochemistry

4.15. Well-drilling and exploitation technology

4.16. Glaciology and cryology of lands

4.17. Lithology

4.18. Geotechnology (subterranean, open, construction-related)

4.19. Physics of the Sun

4.20. Technology and technique of prospecting

4.21. Economic, social and political geography

4.22. Mineralogy, crystallography

4.23. Geotectonics and geodynamics

4.24. Mining and oil-and-gas geology, geophysics, mine surveying иsubsoil geometry

4.25. General and regional geology

4.26. Technology of development of offshore deposits

4.27. Natural resources beneficiation

4.28. Astrometry and celestial mechanics

4.29. Physical and bio-geography, soil geography and landscape geochemistry

4.30. Oceanology

4.31. Astronautics

4.32. Hydrogeology

4.33. Theoretical bases of mining systems designing

4.34. Astrophysics and radioastronomy

4.35. Geochemistry, geochemical methods of natural resources prospecting

4.36. Aerospace survey of the Earth, photogrammetry

4.37. Oil and gas field development and exploitation

4.38. Geodesy

4.39. Geoecology

4.40. Atmosphere and hydrosphere pysics

4.41. Geoinformatics

4.42. Current issues of the Earth and Space sciences

4.43. Analytical studies in the Earth and Space sciences


Faculty of Technology

5.1. History of development of technical innovations and technologies

5.2. Structural materials processing in machinery construction

5.3. Processes and machines in agro-engineering systems

5.4. Transportation

5.5. Transportation, mining and building machinery construction

5.6. Documentary data

5.7. Metallurgy

5.8. Chemical technology

5.9. Radiotechnics and communication

5.10. Computer science, computer engineering and processes management

5.11. Technology of food products

5.12. Machinery construction and theoretical engineering

5.13. Electronics

5.14. Technology, machinery and equipment for lumbering, forestry, wood processing and chemical processing of wood biomass

5.15. Safety of human activity

5.16. Material science

5.17. Electrotechnics

5.18. Instrument engineering, metrology and data-measuring devices and systems

5.19. Shipbuilding

5.20. Technology of materials and products of light and textile industry

5.21. Power engineering

5.22. Aviation, rocket and space technology

5.23. Internet technologies

5.24. Cybernetics

5.25. Power machine building, metallurgical and chemical machine-building

5.26. Engineering geometry and computer graphics

5.27. Current issues of technical sciences

5.28. Analytical studies in technical sciences


Faculty of Agriculture

6.1. History of development of agricultural technology

6.2. Agricultural chemistry

6.3. Officinal and essential oil crops

6.4. Orcharding and viticulture

6.5. Agrology and agrophysics

6.6. Breeding, selection, genetics and reproduction of livestock

6.7. Farm animals feeding and fodder technology

6.8. Melioration, revegetation and land protection

6.9. Vegeculture

6.10. Fodder production and meadow cultivation

6.11. Forest regulation and survey

6.12. Forestry crops, breeding and seed production

6.13. Fur farming and game management

6.14. General agriculture

6.15. Plant cultivation

6.16. Plant protection

6.17. Private zootechny, livestock products manufacturing technology

6.18. Dendrology and forestry, forest fire and firefighting

6.19. Agricultural and protective afforestation and settlement gardening

6.20. Breeding and seed production

6.21. Current issues of agricultural sciences

6.22. Analytical studies in agricultural sciences


Faculty of History

7.1. General theory of history and main stages of the historical science development

7.2. National history of individual states

7.3. Archeology

7.4. History of international relations and external policy

7.5. History of science and technics

7.6. Ethnography, ethnology and anthropology

7.7. General history

7.8. Historiography, source study and methods of carrying historical research

7.9. Current issues of history

7.10. Analytical studies in historical sciences


Faculty of Economics

8.1. Economic theory and the history of economic doctrines

8.2. Modern ways to ensure economic growth of the most developed states

8.3. Developing and transitional economies

8.4. World economy and international economic relations

8.5. Innovations in economics

8.6. Labor economics

8.7. Microeconomics

8.8. Information technology in the economic development

8.9. Bookkeeping, statistics

8.10. Accounting, statistics

8.11. Macroeconomics. Economic systems management. National and regional economy

8.12. Mathematical and instrumental methods in economics

8.13. Finances, banking, monetary circulation and credits

8.14. Investment activities

8.15. Current isses of Economics

8.16. Analytical studies in Economics


Faculty of Management

9.1. Management theory and the history of management doctrines

9.2. Strategicmanagement

9.3. ProjectManagement

9.4. HumanResourceManagement

9.5. Qualitymanagement

9.6. MarketingandLogistics

9.7. Politicalmanagement

9.8. InnovativeManagement

9.9. Financialmanagement

9.10. Strategic management

9.11. InvestmentManagement(Investmentsunderuncertainty)

9.12. RiskManagement

9.13. InformationManagement

9.14. EnvironmentalManagement

9.15. CrisisManagement(ConflictManagement)

9.16. Currentissuesofmanagement

9.17. AnalyticalstudiesinManagement


Faculty of Philosophy

10.1. History of philosophy and anthology of philosophical doctrines

10.2. Ethics

10.3. Linguistic Philosophy

10.4. Philosophy of History

10.5. Logic

10.6. Philosophy of science and technics

10.7. Religious studies - theology

10.8. Philosophic anthropology,

10.9. Philosophy of culture

10.10. Aesthetics

10.11. Ontology and theory of cognition

10.12. Social philosophy

10.13. Current issues of Philosophy

10.14. Analytical studies in Philosophy


Faculty of Languages

11.1. General Theory and History of Linguistics

11.2. Analytical linguistics (comparative historical, typological and contrastive linguistics)

11.3. The global system of languages

11.4. Classical philology, Byzantine and modern Greek philology

11.5. Common languages of international communication

11.6. National local languages

11.7. Theory and evolution of the Germanic languages

11.8. Theory and evolution of the Romanic languages

11.9. Theory and Evolution of the Slavic Languages

11.10. Theory and evolution of Near and Middle East Languages

11.11. Theory of Literature, Textology

11.12. Literature in common languages of international communication

11.13. World Literature

11.14. Study of folklore

11.15. Applied and Mathematical Linguistics

11.16. Chinese

11.17. English

11.18. Spanish

11.19. Arabic

11.20. Russian

11.21. Portuguese

11.22. German

11.23. French

11.24. Current issues of Philology

11.25. Analytical studies in Philology


Faculty of Journalism

12.1. General theory and history of journalism

12.2. Information and communication theory

12.3. History of publishing and editing

12.4. Theory and practice of mass media

12.5. Textual criticism

12.6. Literary activity

12.7. Composition theory

12.8. Theory of social and political journalism

12.9. Direction and architectonics of the literary composition and publication

12.10. Editorial skills

12.11. Journalistic skills

12.12. Publishing

12.13. Printing production and typography

12.14. Communication technologies

12.15. Typology of mistakes and proof reading

12.16. Eristic

12.17. Assessment of quality of texts and qualilogy of the edition

12.18. Current issues of journalism

12.19. Analytical studies in the field of journalism


Faculty of Law

13.1. Theory and history of state and law

13.2. Theory and practice of legal protection

13.3. Legal psychology and legal conscience

13.4. Internationalpubliclaw

13.5. Theory and practice of legal reforms

13.6. Criminallaw, criminologyandpenallaw

13.7. Systemofgovernmentandthecivilsociety

13.8. Legislativepower

13.9. Executivepower

13.10. Judicialpower

13.11. Criminaltrial, criminalistics, forensicexaminationandoperationalinvestigations

13.12. Civil, economicandarbitralprocedure

13.13. Constitutional(state) andmunicipallaw

13.14. Environmentalandnaturalresourceslaw, agrarianlaw

13.15. Administrative, financialanddataprotectionlaw

13.16. Civil, businessandcommerciallaw

13.17. Familylaw

13.18. Privateinternationallaw

13.19. Labourlaw, socialsecuritylaw

13.20. Current issues of the science of law

13.21. Analytical studies in the field of the science of law


Faculty of Educational Science

14.1. Theory and history of Pedagogy and education

14.2. Anthology of pedagogical doctrines

14.3. General science of education

14.4. Theory, methodology and organization of educational activity and upbringing

14.5. Family education and home training

14.6. Educational systems

14.7. Innovations in education and pedagogical creativity

14.8. Education science in the realm of humanitarian and social sciences

14.9. Education science in the realm of technology

14.10. Education science in the realm of natural sciences

14.11. Education science in the realm of formal (abstract) sciences

14.12. Theory and methodology of higher education

14.13. Theoryandmethodologyofprofessionaleducation

14.14. Theory and methodology of school and preschool education

14.15. Correctional education (deaf-and-dumb pedagogy, Blindness and education, oligophrenopedagogics and logopaedics)

14.16. Pedagogyinscientificwork

14.17. CurrentissuesofPedagogy

14.18. Analytical studies in the field of Pedagogy


Faculty of Medicine

15.1. Theory and history of Medicine

15.2. Anthology of doctrines on medicine and health

15.3. General theory and practice of health care and public health

15.4. Epidemiology

15.5. Infectious diseases

15.6. Psychiatry

15.7. Skin and venereal diseases

15.8. Hygiene

15.9. Obstetrics and gynaecology

15.10. Neurosurgery

15.11. Pulmonology

15.12. Rheumatology

15.13. Anaesthesiology and reanimatology

15.14. Nervous diseases

15.15. Cardiology

15.16. Cardiovascular surgery

15.17. Remedial medicine, sporting medicine, balneology and physiotherapy

15.18. X-ray diagnostics, X-ray therapy

15.19. Surgery

15.20. Otolaryngology

15.21. Sociology of medicine

15.22. Eye diseases

15.23. Allergology and immunology

15.24. Nephrology

15.25. Gerontology and geriatrics

15.26. Stomatology

15.27. Forensic medicine

15.28. Labour medicine

15.29. Toxicology

15.30. Gastroentorology

15.31. Oncology

15.32. Aviation, space and marine medicine

15.33. Clinical laboratory diagnostics

15.34. Human anatomy

15.35. Traumatology and orthopedics

15.36. Transplantology and artificial organs

15.37. Pediatric surgery

15.38. Pathoanatomy

15.39. Urology

15.40. Pharmacology, clinical pharmacology

15.41. Physiopathilogy

15.42. Phthisiology

15.43. Hematology and blood transfusion

15.44. Chemotherapy and antibiotics

15.45. Pediatrics

15.46. Endocrinology

15.47. Narcology

15.48. Internal diseases

15.49. Theory and methodology of physical education, sports training, recreational and adaptive physical education

15.50. Cosmetology and cosmetic surgery

15.51. Current issues of Medicine

15.52. Analytical studies in Medicine


Faculty of Pharmaceutics

16.1. Theory and history of Pharmacology

16.2. Anthology of doctrines on medicinal preparations

16.3. Innovations in pharmacology

16.4. Theory and practice of development and use of medical preparations

16.5. Pharmaceutical analysis and quality control of medical preparations

16.6. Medicinal product technology

16.7. Organization of pharmaceutical business

16.8. Pharmaceutical chemistry

16.9. Pharmacognosy

16.10. Current issues of Pharmacology

16.11. Analytical studies in the field of Pharmacology


Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

17.1. Theory and history of veterinary science

17.2. Anthology of doctrines in veterinary science

17.3. Animals disease diagnostics and therapy

17.4. Veterinary obstetrics and animal reproduction bioengineering

17.5. Veterinary pharmacology and toxicology

17.6. Veterinary microbiology, virology, epizootology, mycology and mycotoxycology, immunology

17.7. Veterinary sanitation, ecology, animal hygiene and veterinary sanitary examination

17.8. Veterinary surgery

17.9. Animal pathology, oncology and morphology

17.10. Current issues of the veterinary science

17.11. Analytical studies in the field of veterinary science


Faculty of Arts and Culture

18.1. Theory and history of arts and humanities

18.2. Phenomenology of culture and art

18.3. Theory of creativity

18.4. Theory of ethics

18.5. Theory of aesthetics

18.6. Theory and practice of cross-cultural communication

18.7. Evolution of cultures and their interaction

18.8. Museology, preservation and restoration of historical and cultural objects

18.9. Visual art

18.10. Entertaining art

18.11. Expressive art

18.12. Industrial art and design

18.13. Current issues of arts and humanities

18.14. Analytical studies in the field of arts and humanities


Faculty of Architecture

19.1. Architecturetheoryandhistory

19.2. Buildingunits, constructionsandfacilities

19.3. Urbanandruralcommunityplanning

19.4. Structuralmechanics

19.5. Restorationandreconstructionofhistoric-architecturalheritage

19.6. Watersupply, sewerage, waterresourcesprotectionconstructionsystems

19.7. Technology and organization of construction

19.8. Architecture of buildings and structures

19.9. Architectural creativity

19.10. Heating, venting, air-conditioning, gas supply and lighting

19.11. Constructionmaterialsandwares

19.12. Hydraulicengineering

19.13. Hydraulicsandengineeringhydrology

19.14. Development of information technologies in construction and architecture

19.15. Design in modern architectural environment

19.16. Engineering and construction of roads, underground railways, airfields, bridges and transport tunnels

19.17. Foundations, undergroundfacilities

19.18. Current issues of Architecture, Engineering and Construction

19.19. Analytical studies in the field of Architecture, Engineering and Construction


Faculty of Psychology

20.1. History of development of theoretical concepts in the field of psychology

20.2. Phenomenology of an identity and the society

20.3. General psychology

20.4. Communication theory

20.5. Juridical psychology

20.6. Labour psychology, engineering psychology, ergonomics

20.7. Medical psychology

20.8. Psychophysiology

20.9. Pedagogical psychology

20.10. Correctional psychology

20.11. Psychology of personality

20.12. Social and political psychology

20.13. Developmental psychology, acmeology

20.14. Social relations and conflictology

20.15. Current issues of psychology

20.16. Analytical studies in psychology


Faculty of Sociology

21.1. Theory, methodology and history of sociology

21.2. Social structure, social institutes and processes

21.3. Specialized and sectoral sociology

21.4. Methodology and methods of sociological studies

21.5. Economic sociology and demography

21.6. Sociology of culture and spiritual life

21.7. Sociology of management

21.8. Current issues of sociology

21.9. Analytical studies in sociology


Faculty of Political Science

22.1. Theory of politics, history and methodology of political science

22.2. History of development of theoretical concepts in the field of politics

22.3. Theory and practice of international politics

22.4. Theoryandpracticeofnationalpolitics

22.5. Socialleadershipandpoliticalregimes

22.6. Sociologyandpsychologyofpolitics

22.7. Politicalproblemsofinternationalrelationsandglobaldevelopment

22.8. Politicalinstitutions

22.9. Ethnopoliticalconflictology

22.10. Development of political processes and technologies

22.11. Political management

22.12. Political PR and advertising

22.13. Anthropogenic elements of the military science

22.14. Philosophical and ideological doctrines of war and military conflicts

22.15. Geopolitical factors of the military science development

22.16. Strategy and tactics of military operations

22.17. Current issues of political science

22.18. Analytical studies in the field of political science