Terms and preferential modes

General functional and certification conditions of passing Doctoral dissertational scientific and analytical programs are similar to conditions of Doctoral dynamic scientific and analytical programs.

At the same time conditions of implementation of Doctoral dissertational scientific and analytical programs have the following features:

I. In the field of final attestation – combination of the following factors is necessary for positive passing of the qualification-based attestation by the applicant within the Doctoral dissertational scientific and analytical program:

  1. scientific works published within sectoral scientific analytics championships of the GISAP project, connected with the subject of every section of the dissertation, must get the average mark not less than 7.0;
  2. the dissertation research must get not less than 4 positive reviews from authoritative experts;
  3. the dissertation research must be published under the auspices of the IASHE as the monograph;

II. Cost of the program and bonuses:

  1. The program may be implemented on a free basis in accordance with rules of the Provision "On the international doctoral research (creative) programs of the IASHE" or taking into account bonuses making doctoral programs easier to pass - загрузка Раздела I Резолюции «О временном введении в действие льготных условий реализации Международных докторских научно-аналитических (креативных) программ, а также Научно-аналитических академических программ МАНВО»;
  2. An applicant additionally pays for: a) the cost of designing and publication of the author's monograph (taking the relevant postal expenses into account); b) the cost of efforts of two international experts - reviewers involved by the IASHE.


Publication of the qualification holder's personal academic or doctoral "Codifier" is an additional element of documentary registration, official legalization and presentation of any doctoral or academic qualification bestowed after implementation of scientific-analytical programs introduced by the IASHE. "Codifier" is a special scientific edition published by the IASHE under British jurisdiction. It is a collection of original scientific reports written by the qualification holder and presented by him/her at the GISAP research analytics championships, but including doctoral or academic scientific-analytical attestation. "Codifier" also includes: data on prizewinning places, credits and titles earned by the corresponding person in research analytics championships during implementation of the doctoral or the academic program; descriptive and attestation-related information about the qualification, presented in accordance with European standards; copies of official decisions made by the Scientific Council and the Presidium of the IASHE regarding the qualification bestowal.

Codifier is distributed to libraries of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. 10 copies of the "Codifier" are sent to the author of works presented in it (the number of copies sent may be increased for additional payment).

The price for the "Codifier" publication: 300,0 €.