Terms and preferential modes

Participation in the program (not including the cost of participation in research analytics championships and publications) is 300,0 €.

Official translation of the Europass Diploma Supplement into one of the widespread languages of international communication can be made upon the request of the person concerned (paid additionally). If attestation legalization covers several educational levels within 1 specialty, every additional Europass Diploma Supplement (except for the one given to the basic higher education diploma) will cost 50,0 €.

In accordance with international agreements documents of the Europass system do not require legalization or apostille. Anyway verification of the Attestation certificate of quality of education by the British apostille may be provided for additional payment.

Documental verification of positive results of passing of the program is carried out during the period of one calendar month. Documents are sent to the person concerned through postal or courier services (paid by the client).