Taking an international exam


Attestation-based format of the project "British Department"

 Attestation-based format of the project provides every person concerned (who has passed full or partial educational course within the program of higher, professional or supplementary education) with the chance to get his/her special qualification (knowledge acquired) assessed within the international expert attestation procedure.

 In order to join the program a person concerned must have the document verifying the completion of an educational course of any level and kind (including a separate discipline within the framework of the large-scale educational cycle) regardless of any attestation organized or not organized within such course. Persons having acquired special knowledge in the process of self-education may also take part in the program.

 The program is implemented on a free basis.

 Algorithm of the test-program:

 1) Special knowledge (qualification) as an independent and integral educational discipline or the scientific problem may be assessed.

 2) Participants of the program declare their wish to pass the international expert attestation within the specific discipline in a free-form.

 3) Expert Board of the IASHE formulates the list of 5 questions directly connected with the discipline submitted for attestation and sends this list to the participant (questions may be stated in an original way; questions do not require too extended answers).

 4) Participant of the program answers the offered questions in a free form during 3 calendar days and presents answers to the Expert Board.

 5) Attestation of knowledge of the program participant expressed in his/her answers to questions is carried out during 3 calendar days. It is based on the joint decision of the Expert Board.

 6) Attestation is considered to be successfully completed as soon as the Expert Board confirms principal correctness of all 5 answers.

 7) The Expert Board rates every answer on the 10-point grading scale system. Disagreement with certain answers is argued by the Expert Board.

 8) Positive attestation is verified by the electronic "Attested education quality certificate" sent to the participant.

  Additional paid options:

 1) Production and shipping of the printed "Attested education quality certificate" – 30.0€

 2) In order to acquire the "Analyst" qualification (corresponding to the educational speciality) the person concerned may additionally pass the analytical attestation of own knowledge level within the program. In this case an applicant must successfully answer questions stated by the Expert Board and submit an original attestation work (sectoral research on the chosen topic) for publication in the specialized scientific journal of the IASHE. Such report will be evaluated by experts within the framework of the GISAP project. If the mark given by experts to the applicant's report is not less than 6.0 (10-point grading scale system), the analytical attestation will be considered as successful. The "Analyst" qualification is verified by the IASHE diploma, «Europass Diploma Supplement» and «Europass Mobility». Cost of the analytical attestation, including the publication cost (participation in the GISAP project), production and shipping of documents is 400.0€.

 To launch the attestation procedure (to take an exam) please fill in the following form: