Scientific and analytical ideology


There's only one step from publication to the scientific degree, but this step requires creativity, hard work and love to science 


Dear colleagues!


The global scientific world (international scientific community to be more precise) is a rather conventional category from the point of view of stability on the social form.

There is a whole range of obstacles preventing the integral formation of such a unity: organizational dissociation of science on the international level; rather complex and excessive bureaucratic processes of international communications and cooperation; various mechanisms and levels of scientific development of different countries; basically different criteria of availability, openness and objectivity of scientific processes in different countries; administrative and formal barriers in international acknowledgment of scientific qualifications, achievements, as well as ensuring professional and academic mobility of scientists...

At the same time, from the point of view of mental similarity the community of intellectuals-analysts is the objective reality. Moreover - mostly progressive reality. Its representatives in various countries can be characterized by true love to science and the will to promote the development of human knowledge, intellectual, cultural and industrial potential of the society. True scientists are of course not conservative formalists, but hard-working innovators giving birth to the new knowledge and generously offering this knowledge to people around.