Rules of the program

General rules of implementation of Doctoral dissertational scientific and analytical programs are similar to rules of implementation of Doctoral dynamic scientific and analytical programs.

At the same time the mechanism of implementation of Doctoral dissertational scientific and analytical programs has its own features. An applicant has to perform the following actions:

1) The necessity to publish not less than two scientific reports within sectoral championships in scientific analytics of the GISAP project during the unlimited period of time. Reports must be thematically connected with the subject of every section of the dissertation. Reports must also include the indication: "On the basis of materials of the dissertation research ".....""* (* - at application of this rule one must bear in mind that minimum possible quantity of main sections of the dissertation is 3, not taking into account the introduction and the conclusion parts; minimum possible volume of the main part of the research is 100 pages of printed text submitted with observance of standards of designing of scientific works within the GISAP project).

2) Author's scientific works indicated in par. 1 are presented and published in English or in any other generally widespread language of international communication (in this case extended abstract and English is obligatory).

3) Author's scientific works indicated in par. 1 must obligatorily contain emphasized units called the Innovative abstract of the research.

4) Dissertational research of the applicant is subject to publication under the auspices of the IASHE as the monograph with observance of language requirements stated in par. 2. In this case the section Innovative abstract of the research must be the obligatory part of such a monograph.

5) For the dissertational study to be accepted to publication, its author (applicant) must preliminary submit proper verified positive reviews of this research made by two authoritative specialists from the country of his residence and two international experts involved by the IASHE.

6) Term of implementation of the program is 1 year (or the term provided by the preferential mode of the program passing).