Rules of the program

To pass the program of the educational qualification verification the GISAP project participant must take part in specialized research analytics championships of the GISAP project not less than 3 times during a calendar year (submit 3 works) and earn an average mark not less than 6.0. In case if the educational qualification of the interested person covers several educational levels within 1 specialty, officialized by  separate diplomas (for example, educational qualification of the person is officialized by Master's and Bachelor's diplomas), then presence of every additional higher qualification level (in relation to the basic level of higher education) assumes the necessity to present 1 additional scientific report within the GISAP project.

Successful passing of the program is verified by the Attestation Certificate and the Europass Diploma Supplement drawn up on behalf of the IASHE to supplement basic diploma on higher education of such a person (European confirmation of the qualification and its proper quality).

The program covers only persons with educational qualifications of higher education and relevant diplomas earned in educational institutions that do not officially independently grant Europass Diploma Supplements on the moment of assignment of the relevant IASHE diploma and during participation in the program.

Europass Diploma Supplement may be granted only after the person concerned submits a notarially certified translation of the higher education diploma and relevant enclosures (in English).

Europass Diploma Supplement is issued in English.

Europass Diploma Supplement is added to every separate educational diploma reflecting the separate educational level (Bachelor, Master, Ph.D. or, for example, Specialist). It is included into the structure of educational qualification of the person concerned.

Europass Diploma Supplement issued this way fully corresponds to the model developed by the European Commission and the UNESCO/(CEPES). It is the official basis for international recognition of the educational qualification as well as academic and professional mobility of the interested person.