Research traineeship

Research traineeship (work placement) has educational character. It assumes that the trainee submits three original interconnected scientific papers in English to one of the field-specific scientific and analytical events of the IASHE. In case if the average expert assessment mark of such papers within one field-specific scientific and analytical championship is over 7.0/10.0, the research traineeship will be considered as successfully completed. If this mark is over 8.0/10.0, the trainee will be granted a qualification of an “International expert-adviser” in the relevant field (related to the issues disclosed in the submitted papers), formalized by the IASHE diploma. Results of the research traineeship are summed according to the ECTS parameters. They are formalized by the IASHE Certificate or Diploma, the Europass Diploma Supplement and the Europass Mobility. They are also additionally verified through the publication of original papers written by the trainee in the British scientific editions of the IASHE.

Teaching traineeship (work placement) assumes that the trainee offers an original author’s course of video lectures (in the required format and having the required contents). Such course will be presented and used in the framework of the educational project uHive launched by the IASHE. If the course of lectures is positively assessed by experts and becomes popular among the students (uHive project participants), such course will possibly be included into the training program of the International Analytical University of Extensive Knowledge. In this case the educator will be offered to sign a relevant contract. Completion of a teaching traineeship is formalized by the IASHE Certificate and the Europass Mobility.