The IASHE is consistently fulfilling one of the key tasks in its activity – promotion of effective reforming of the system and methodology of higher, supplementary and postgraduate education. The goal of this promotion is to train progressive experts possessing the developed analytical skills, the ability to solve complex professional tasks independently, build new original knowledge and completely satisfy current and future creative demands of the society.

Taking the specified task into account the Academy is already implementing such analytical projects as the GISAP and the IUSIA University. However, these projects are focused on the development of scientific and analytical skills of persons consciously and purposefully seeking for professional and personal self-development, able to think progressively and transform own creative potential into scientific studies.

At the same time, here in the IASHE we understand that efficient improvement of modern education must be based not only on introduction of innovative forms and methods of distribution and development of knowledge, but also on the actual transformation of traditional mechanisms of training qualified specialists within the systems of higher, supplementary and postgraduate education.

In this regard, the Academy has initiated and has been developing own MOOC project (online courses for supplementary education and professional development) called uHive.

In addition currently the Academy is building the methodological and information base, as well as educational resources and the teaching staff required to launch the activities of the International Analytical University of Extensive Knowledge (IAUEK Analytical University) in the nearest future. This institution will be focused on providing original – analytical higher postgraduate and supplementary education in a classical university-based form.

Thus, the IASHE is officially announcing vacant positions of the Professor and the Associate Professor in the currently formed International Analytical University of Extensive Knowledge (IAUEK). These positions at the same time assume acquisition of the corresponding scientific ranks in the IASHE and the educational projects (GISAP, IUSIA University and uHive).