Joining the program

Any person can join the program through free acceptance of the standard agreement of adhesion regarding participation in the educational project of the IASHE "International University of Scientific and Innovative Analytics". To join the program an applicant sends the electronic application indicating his will to join the above-mentioned agreement as the participant of the program "Scientific and analytical program of the researcher's educational and professional qualification improvement" to the IASHE. In order to verify the fact of joining the agreement the certificate of the International University of Scientific and Innovative Analytics program participant is sent to the person concerned. Any person concerned becomes the educational program participant after completion of all of the following obligatory actions: a) sending the application for participation in the program; b) submission of copies (real or an electronic) of the necessary documents - copies of documents regarding education and bibliography; c) submission of the electronic application form and personal photo for formation of the personal profile of the applicant (via the website; d) payment of not less than 1/3 of the cost of participation in the program together with payment for the first publication within the GISAP project.

Final full payment for participation in the program is made together with payment for the third necessary publication in the GISAP project.