Implementation of original innovations

Original innovations implementation procedure is executed by the IASHE within the framework of the GISAP project in accordance with the following algorithm:

1) "Requesting the international implementation" sign is added to the electronic version of the publication.

2) The corresponding original work is considered to have passed the international implementation if its mean expert assessment mark during the scientific and analytical championship is over 7.5 points, and the sign "requesting the international implementation" is activated by not less than three scientists (experts or participants of the championship) not connected with the author of the research through the common place of work or study.

3) Activation of the sign "requesting the international implementation" testifies to the fact that its initiator has successfully implemented the author's innovations presented in the research or has started such implementation (in terms of presumption of its success) in own scientific and practical activities at the place of its implementation.

4) In case if the sign "requesting the international implementation" is activated by more than three scientists, the corresponding research will be additionally nominated for practical implementation in the scientific and industrial company GISAP (Douglas, Scotland, South Lanarkshire, United Kingdom).

5) If the research successfully passes the international implementation procedure, this achievement is officialized by the International Certification Act after such report is accepted for implementation. During the next calendar month the GISAP company additionally prepares the Research Implementation Efficiency Act (indicating the practical results of implementation and its scientific assessment).

6) "International Implementation" mark will also be added into the printed publication of the report.

7) If the implementation was not voluntarily launched by participants of the GISAP project, then this procedure will be initiated and implemented by the IASHE involving partner organizations.