Features of programme

The program "Academic authority" is based on the acknowledgment and presumption of permanently high quality of large-scale and generally known scientific, educational, public and administrative activity of the certain person in the field of science, education or promotion of global intellectual progress of the society.

The program doesn't assume any independent attestation load. Assessment mechanisms of acknowledgment of the special applicant's competence are based on extrapolation of the applicant's achievements in the above-indicated spheres to the procedure of determination of correspondence between the applicant's qualification and attestation requirements announced by the IASHE.

As the program doesn't assume any independent attestation load, it doesn't assume presence of the Europass system documents as well.

The degree of correspondence of the applicant's qualification to the established attestation requirements, as well as the scale of the applicant's authority in scientific-educational sphere is determined by the decision of the IASHE Presidium based on the submission by the Academy Scientific Secretary General.

The applicant who has successfully completed this program will not have to confirm the status-title on the annual basis.

Implementation of the program is regulated by rules of implementation of bibliographic scientific-analytical programs connected with matters not directly regulated by the rules of the program "Academic authority".

Main peculiarities of the program:

1) The applicant: a) the applicant is the owner of the academic (assigned by the University) or the scientific-analytical doctoral degree; b) the applicant is the author of not less than 50 scientific publications; c) the applicant is the full member of the authoritative scientific community. Public and administrative activity of the applicant is taken into account during assessment of his/her professional qualities and achievements.

2) Academic qualification acquired after successful passing of the program: “Academician - Full Member of the IASHE” (2nd title category “Stratum-Academician”) / “authority”).

3) The list of original publications authored by the applicant, verified by the authoritative scientific community or by the educational institution this person carries out educational activity in (in English).

4) Documental recommendation given by the authoritative scientific community in English is obligatory.

5) The cost of the program implementation (taking into account membership fees for the whole period of termless presence in the list of Full members of the IASHE) - 1200,0 €.