Features of programme

Bibliographic scientific-analytical academic programs are implemented on the basis of principles and main rules similar to principles and rules of bibliographic scientific-analytical doctoral programs.

At the same time the following specific features characterize bibliographic scientific-analytical academic programs:

1) The applicant is the holder of the academic (assigned by the University) or the scientific-analytical doctoral degree;

2) Qualification (status-title) acquired following the results of the successful passing of the program: Academician - Full Member of the IASHE (3rd title category «Trоpos-Academician») / «biblio)»;

3) The applicant who has successfully completed this program will not have to confirm the status-title on the annual basis.

4) Minimum requirements, observance of which is obligatory in order to successfully pass the bibliographic scientific-analytical academic program, correspond to the following parameters:


General number of valid publications

Publications in the IASHE editions attested within the framework of the GISAP research analytics championships

Scientometric indexing

Attestation requirements

Status format

Attestation format

Indexing of works published not in the IASHE editions in the scientometric database «Socrates-Impulse»

Status format

Attestation format




Average mark of the expert assessment of publications in the GISAP project (attestation format)


Academician - Full Member of the IASHE (3rd title category «Trоpos- Academician»



≥ 7,5



Publication of the qualification holder's personal academic or doctoral "Codifier" is an additional element of documentary registration, official legalization and presentation of any doctoral or academic qualification bestowed after implementation of scientific-analytical programs introduced by the IASHE. "Codifier" is a special scientific edition published by the IASHE under British jurisdiction. It is a collection of original scientific reports written by the qualification holder and presented by him/her at the GISAP research analytics championships, but including doctoral or academic scientific-analytical attestation. "Codifier" also includes: data on prizewinning places, credits and titles earned by the corresponding person in research analytics championships during implementation of the doctoral or the academic program; descriptive and attestation-related information about the qualification, presented in accordance with European standards; copies of official decisions made by the Scientific Council and the Presidium of the IASHE regarding the qualification bestowal.

Codifier is distributed to libraries of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. 10 copies of the "Codifier" are sent to the author of works presented in it (the number of copies sent may be increased for additional payment).

The price for the "Codifier" publication: 300,0 €.

ATTENTION!!! When taking part in the doctoral or academic Bibliographic scientific and analytical programs in the status format, authors are allowed to submit their original scientific papers officially published in national languages (which are not considered to be the common languages of international communication) to the program, provided that the IASHE issues the "Certificate of confirmation of qualitative and quantitative characteristics of original scientific works of a scientist (an applicant for the IASHE scientific and analytical degree or the status-title) by an authoritative scientific and educational institution" of the following content: DOWNLOAD