Brief review


IUSIA - is the scientific and educational project of the International Academy of Science and Higher Education (IASHE; London, United Kingdom). The University creates conditions for disclosure of analytical skills and improvement of the educational status of specialists and researchers of various qualifications through involvement in scientific-analytical activity.

We implement innovative forms of development of the intellectual potential of progressively thinking individuals interested in urgent modern problems.

We do our best to erase the artificial border between the public consciousness and the scientific outlook. Science equally belongs to all members of the society and it must be open and available for them in every possible format without any unreasonable limitations. 

Everyone able to think progressively and show diligence can become a scientist. The scientist is not the formal status, but the way of thinking and the special way of life. Scientific progress equally covers innovative ideas of university-based scientists, corporation-based inventors and independent researchers. Contributions to the scientific development made by any kinds of progressive inventors are equally important in the context of ensuring the well-being and prospects of the mankind. 

We open the way into science for progressive and diligent researchers and also promote the distribution of innovations and popularization of science.

We want to make it easier to reach international scientific communities and communications for everyone with non-standard thinking and noble aspiration to transform the world.

We create special conditions to assist researchers from around the world in presenting their advanced ideas to the global scientific community and gaining international acknowledgment.

We would like to make our own contribution into the liberation of science from unreasonable formalism, artificially created inaccessibility for the wide community and a certain aura of arrogance.

We do our best to make the science popular, open and available for people, providing them with knowledge, prospects of creative development and the living standards improvement, as well as greater degree of independence in making important decisions.


If you wish to confirm or improve your educational and professional qualification together with implementation of independent scientific studies - join the programs combined within the IASHE project called the "International University of Scientific and Innovative Analytics". 

If you wish to make your own contribution to the development of science, offer your ideas to the international expert community and find a decent place in the global scientific world - we will be happy to cooperate with you!

If you wish to improve your professional status by participation in scientific-analytical activities and expanding your scientific bibliography to the international level, welcome!

If you wish to earn unique scientific and educational competences due to your analytical creativity, if you wish to acquire the exclusive international qualification - choose the relevant IUSIA program and master it with persistence!

If you want to find new ways of stimulation of your scientific activity and supplement your high professional status with authoritative regalia - express yourself in our programs!

If you need to acquire comparative professional advantages over colleagues, earn their deep respect and attract attention of partners or employers - we will help you to reach the desired goals!

If you are in an insatiable need for self-development, creative self-expression, and progressive transformation of the world around, if you are looking for the favorable environment to implement these aspirations - we will become your reliable and allegiant associates!


Scientific studies

The main element of all projects and programs introduced by the IASHE (as well as the accompanying processes) is original scientific reports. We want the knowledge of our participants to become not just static, but filled with individual (exclusive) content and dynamic potential to self-improvement. We do our best to create all the necessary conditions for that. 

Only creative attitude of every personality to development of own intellectual capabilities can ensure uniqueness of personal knowledge and high professional qualification, as well as enrichment of the public consciousness with progressive original innovations!  

Carry out your own scientific studies, publish them, discuss them with colleagues and submit them for expert evaluation! Your knowledge and capabilities will reach the incredibly high quality!


Scientific and analytical championships

Competition is the organic instrument ensuring the progress of human society as well as the qualitative growth of its resources and opportunities. We build a competitive environment in the intellectual sphere by organizing research analytics championships. Such mechanism of organization of the scientific activity and professional communications is a vivifying ground for the growth of researchers' qualifications and innovations development!  

Do not be afraid of competition! Competition is everywhere in our life, we simply can't avoid it! Participation in contests together with intellectuals from around the world will give you a chance to find out many new things and develop useful skills. Besides, it will create conditions for the international intellectual acknowledgement! Those avoiding movement towards success never reach it!

Prize-winners of research analytics championships of various levels and types are acknowledged and unique specialists of high level possessing prestigious titles and differing from colleagues with their status. 



If you are an intelligent and creative person, you definitely think a lot and generate many new ideas. And if you don't share such ideas with the professional and wide community, your intellectual efforts will remain vain. Moreover, without prospects of implementation of intellectual creativity results you are wasting time spent on it. It is quite possible that you are missing the promising professional and scientific perspectives! Don't forget that official publications principally improve the academic and professional status of any specialist. That's why it is undoubtedly necessary to publish your original reports! 


Mutual assessment and communications 

In our projects authors have the chance to mutually evaluate quality of reports of each other. This way we stimulate the activity and intellectual curiosity of the project participants, and also widen the scientific outlook of researchers as well as their skills in participation in discussions and rhetorics. 

At the same time mutual evaluation significantly extends the scale and representativeness of the expert assessment of scientific reports. 

At last various scientific commentaries and massive disputes are the most objective and effective instruments of approbation of scientific studies. 


Professional expert assessment

The IASHE invites authoritative scientists (generally acknowledged specialists of high level in various areas of science) to take part in its projects as international experts and professionally evaluate the quality of scientific reports. In combination with the open expertise of original reports (mutual assessment of each others' reports by participants) the professional expert assessment ensures the equilibration, objectivity and wide collegiality of determination of research analytics championships results.  



Scientific and analytical attestation is the process of the GISAP research-analytics championships results interpretation aimed at establishment of correspondence of results shown by individual participants to the established attestation criteria, widening (improvement) of scientific-analytical and educational competences of participants, acknowledgement and officialization of additional analytical and educational qualifications of participants.   

Main objects of attestation are: scientific-analytical creativity of the project participants and their original innovations published. 

Main instruments of attestation are: international expert assessment of quality of original scientific reports and tournament results of research analytics championships. 

Types of the scientific and analytical attestation: educational (legalization and improvement of the educational qualification); doctoral (for acquiring the scientific-analytical (creative) doctoral qualification); academic (for acquiring the academic status-title). 



All our programs and projects are original innovations introduced by the IASHE in the field of stimulation and organization of the scientific-educational activity. 

In order to develop, share original ideas and promote the scientific progress researchers must publish their works. Of course is possible to promulgate original scientific works in various editions and projects. But we offer much more extended list of creative options capable to improve the target effectiveness of any publication. Moreover we can supplement the formal process of presentation of original ideas with membership in unique scientific communities and participation in exclusive competitive, communicative, educational, scientometric, certification-based and attestation-based projects.

Become our partners or participants of the IASHE projects! You will be able to realize your own understanding of science and express yourself in the scientific environment in a brand-new way! Developed together with us!