Approbation of original innovations

International expert approbation of original innovations in the IASHE is executed upon the initiative (based on the request) of the relevant author of a scientific paper presented on a championship in scientific analytics of the GISAP project. According to the established rules, the author writes an extended innovative abstract of own research study (object of approbation) in English and any other language of international communication.

The electronic version of the publication then contains the sign "requesting the international approbation" and the innovative abstract of the research (object of approbation) in two languages chosen by the author.

The corresponding original work is considered to have passed the international expert approbation if its mean expert assessment mark during the scientific and analytical championship is over 7.0 points, and the sign "requesting the international approbation" is activated by not less than three scientists (experts or participants of the championship) not connected with the author of the research through the place of work or study.

In case if the sign "requesting the international approbation" is activated by more than three scientists, the corresponding research is additionally considered to have passed the approbation in the IASHE and the International Union of Commerce and Industry (London, United Kingdom).

If the approbation was not voluntarily launched by participants of the GISAP project, then this procedure will be initiated and implemented by the IASHE involving partner organizations.

If the research successfully passes the international expert approbation, this achievement is officialized by the International Certification Act (indicating the practical results of approbation and its scientific assessment). "International Expert Approbation" mark will also be added into the printed publication of the report.